posted 13. February 2010, 21:16 by Thomas Braun
(last modified:12. May 2012, 15:10)

WAAUpload is a package for Alaska Software’s Web Application Adaptor (WAA) which allows to upload files via WAA. (Copyright by Phil Ide)

UPDATE: You only need this package if you are using WAA before Xbase++ version 1.90 – beginning with that version, Alaska included the upload function natively.

Excerpt from the WAAUpload readme file:

Alaska’s Web Application Adaptor (WAA) does not have the capability to handle the HTML file upload tag. This DLL runs as a WAA package, and so can easily be incorporated in any existing WAA setup.

WAAUpload gives you the facility to name an Xbase++ function to call once the uploaded file has been received. This allows you to do additional processing, such as import the uploaded data into a database, or move the file from the upload area into a more permanent directory. The callback function should also be used to inform the client of the success or failure of the upload.

Download WAAUpload



Xbase++ registry class

posted 6. February 2010, 18:19 by Thomas Braun
(last modified:12. May 2012, 14:04)

Below you can download my Xbase++ class for accessing the Windows registry.

Download Regclass



Taskbar Library for Xbase++

posted 6. February 2010, 18:15 by Thomas Braun
(last modified:12. May 2012, 14:05)

My taskbar library for Xbase++ allows you to put one or multiple icons into the ‘tray’ area of the Windows taskbar.

Download Taskbar library



Another Website remake

posted 3. February 2010, 11:49 by Thomas Braun
(last modified: 6. February 2010, 18:18)

Hello everybody,

because of limitations with the hosters PHP configuration, I had to throw away my old WordPress website and am now in the process of copying the content over to this new CMS driven by Textpattern.

First of all I’ll try to get the download section back working.